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Black Bragger Mansion / 黒天狗屋敷の熟れた女狐

Video Description

今宵もふたりの熟れた女狐が黒天狗を求め彷徨う今夜のふたりは揃って美巨乳。 屋敷に辿り着いためいと有香は黒天狗を待ちきれず、お互いを触り舐め合いのイカせごっこ。 そこへいい獲物が来たと大喜びの黒天狗。 一人ずつじっくり調教され、女狐たちはもうすっかり黒天狗の虜。 やがて皆での大乱交、何度も絶頂を迎えてもまだなお黒巨根を求め乱れる女狐たちの狂乱舞絵図。

Two mature Japanese ladies decide that they are fed up of Japanese dicks and plan to try out black cocks. For these two thirty year old MILFS, they are actually quite hot for their age and they experiment with some lesbian play and testing out the magical chocolate banana for the first time. One thing most of us know is that women in their 30's are usually at their sexual peak and satisfying that itch down below seems to be more important than anything else. In this video, there's also some 4P group action, but after watching this MILF video, we'd like to grab mature Japanese women and bang them too.

Actress: Amateurs
Video Format: 3GP
Other Video Formats: Yes
Resolution: 176x144
File Size: 66.8 Megabytes
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