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Riko Tachibana in Female Newscaster / 女子アナ 中出し生中継 立花里子

Video Description


Most of the storylines are pretty much the same and ridiculous in IEnergy studio videos. Sexy TV newscaster Riko Tachibana gets threatened and banged by her producer if she wants to keep her job, and gets pounded at the studio by him and her collegue. It's all nakadashi (cum inside) scenes and Riko really falls into her role very well. Th next scene is even more ridiculous, with the studio being overrun by terrorists and Riko is sadly, offered to them by the producer for their own personal use.

Actress: Riko Tachibana
Video Format: 3GP
Other Video Formats: Yes
Resolution: 176x144
File Size: 54.9 Megabytes
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