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Riku Shiina in Special Command Soldier / 特命戦士 ファイム 椎名りく

Video Description


Fighting evil guys and monsters, Riku Shiina is the Special Commander Soldier, in this IEnergy Studios film. Armed with a pretty useless plasma gun, and a very strange looking super hero costume, this actress battles an evil conglomerate and is obviously no match at all. While captured, she gets stripped off her super hero gear, and gang banged by the bad guys. There is also one scene where a monster which looks like a squid decides to mate with her. Something like a hentai video gone wrong, Riku Shiina really does a super job in this action filled video. A super dumb video, but we sat through the whole film with a big grin on our faces.

Actress: Riku Shiina
Video Format: 3GP
Other Video Formats: Yes
Resolution: 176x144
File Size: 53.6 Megabytes
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