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Sex Industry Workshop / 渋谷ホテルヘルス 完全協力 春の風俗新人研修会

Video Description


Training workshop for sex industry workers. If you are thinking about being a manwhore, this is the wrong video to watch. In this delightful video, professional whores teach and train a group of beginner hoes on how to become skillfull lovers and drive men completely wild with better techniques. The girls learn the right techniques to lick and suck cock, give out wonderful handjobs, correct way to lick a guy's nipples and more. The last scene puts a girl to the test with her new found knowledge and boy.... thats intense. Nevertheless, after seeing this video, we strongly believe that they should make this workshop mandatory for all women.

Actress: Amateurs
Video Format: 3GP
Other Video Formats: Yes
Resolution: 176x144
File Size: 73.2 Megabytes
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