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Mitsu Amai in Risky Slut Woman / 天衣みつがギャル痴女! 天衣みつ

Video Description

皆さんにとって天衣みつのイメージってどんな感じでしょうか? 清楚? 純和風? そんなイメージを覆すべく、今回はギャル痴女に挑戦しちゃいます!《ロリな甘えん坊痴女》では子供のように甘えながらチ◯ポを欲しがるみつちゃん。《男を激しく責め立てるS痴女》では、エレガントかつ大胆な騎乗位で責めまくる姿がかなり新鮮!さらに《素の表情を生かしたナチュラル痴女》では普段見られない素のエッチな天衣みつを余すことなく魅せます。

If one day we were locked up in the same room with Mitsu Amai, that would probably be the happiest day in our pathetic life. Just her erotic eyes alone staring at you is enough to get your heart rate pumping. In Risky Slut Woman, Mitsu is really horny and wet, and will perform a vacuum blowjob (really nice), tit job, and deluxe hand job. Watch her ride rough cowboy and you will know why she's has many fans who say she is a wild and daring actress. Not to mention her large meaty ass.... delicious.

Actress: Mitsu Amai
Video Format: 3GP
Other Video Formats: Yes
Resolution: 176x144
File Size: 77.8 Megabytes
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