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Alice Ogura in Sell Debut / セル初 小倉ありす あなたのオナニーのために

Video Description

ロリっ娘ありすがアナタのオナニーをお手伝い! 寂しい時・嬉しい時など、あなたの気持ちに合わせてありすが優しい笑顔で手コキ、足コキ、ねっちょり濃厚フェラと、極上テクを連発するぞ。彼女のオナニーコーナーあり! 相互オナニー気分も味わえちゃいます!この一作であなたは何回抜けちゃうかな!?

Alice Ogura was designed for intense french kissing and blowjobs. Look closely at her mouth and her lips, they can get a guy off in seconds literally, but dang, as we reviewed this video, we realized we got so horny just by listening to her talk. This girl can say really horny things to get you worked up real fast. With her excellent bed skills and amazing ways to make men horny, no wonder Alice Ogura sits at the top of the AV industry. In Sell Debut, which is her first movie with S1 Video she does a bit of everything. A 10/10 from us.

Actress: Alice Ogura
Video Format: 3GP
Other Video Formats: Yes
Resolution: 176x144
File Size: 69.5 Megabytes
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